Why on Earth would you want to do a 365?


    Good question.  The best reason I can come up with is discipline or my lack there of!  I am infatuated with anything art or craft, but as soon as I master something I generally move onto the next adventure. This is not very helpful when one needs to make a living. I am almost forty and haven't figured out what I want to "do" for a living, because there are so many things I enjoy "do-ing"!


     Can focusing on my own creativity for 365 days clarify my direction in life? Will questions and answers become apparant? I sure hope so. I luckily have more stubborness and pride than discipline and I am hoping that the public forum of a 365 will keep me on track and will prevent me from disappearing 30 days into the challenge!


    My second reason is improvement. It is said that anything done for more than 200 days can become a new habit. I can only imagine that my 365th painting will be better than my first. So if practise leads to perfection or even simply improvement than that seems like a wonderful reason to me.


        My final reason is a body of work.  Wow, 365 pieces of art and creativity manifested.  Tangible work I can analize, critique and select my best pieces from. In accomplishing this I could hope to define my own true style.  I have been collecting inspiration from books and magazines for ten years now. I have tons of ideas on color schemes, lay outs, artists that inspire, interesting focal points and mediums to examine. I have scratch notes on concepts and ideas for projects I'd love to do in the "future". 


    Well there's no time like the present.  I am giving myself this gift of concentrated "time" and I have no excuses.  It is time to put my ideas to work. Yikes! It's a little scarey...let's go back to baby steps...Yes baby steps...one day at a time!