What are the rules I am imparting on myself? 


Initially I wanted this 365 to be 100% about painting.  I just began painting again after 20 years and putting in the time is the only way to improve. However, I brought this crazy endeavor up at a recent pottery class and their input addressed quite a few things I hadn't really considered. Some concerns were: What will you do about your young children?  Sick days, vacations, volunteer work? How about days when you are at pottery? Making jewelry? Completing custom orders?  These are all things I do daily and I hadn't really considered them.  As to not set myself up for failure, I decided not to make the parameters stringently painting.  When ever I can get in a full day of painting I will do so, however on weekends, sick days, when I have special projects, and special events I am allowing myself the freedom to call upon my other talents. I help my kids school with logos and graphic design, I was a jewelry designer for a decade and still get an itch here and there. I just recently started taking pottery classes. I get special orders for drawer pulls and jewelry boxes I designed in the past. I love photography, mosaics, quilting, home decorating, cooking, entertaining, and crafting. So they are all fair game. Whew, I sure hope I don't run out of ideas!